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Celtics' Draft Picks Bradley And Harangody Introduced In Waltham

On Thursday night, Texas' Avery Bradley and Notre Dame's Luke Harangody were drafted by Boston with the No. 19 and No. 52 pick, respectively. And on Friday afternoon, they were both officially introduced as the newest members of the Celtics at the team's practice facility in Waltham, Mass.

"I've had to deal with that," Harangody said. "I put my name in the draft last year, and I've heard ever since that I was going to be a second rounder. That only just motivates me more. I feel like I paid my dues in college. I wasn't good enough to get into the first round, but I feel like I just have to start all over again and just do the same thing as when I came to college because I wasn't a big name then."

Still, the reality of being in the league hit both of them once they walked through the the Celtics' practice facility

"Last night, I was still really excited," Bradley said. "I was just excited to get on the plane and land in Boston. Right when it landed, that's when it hit me that my dream came true. I'm going to get a chance to play for one of the best teams in the NBA."