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Litter Box Cats: Trade Is A 'Bittersweet Deal'

While reaction still flows about the Bruins-Panthers trade that was reported today, SB Nation's Litter Box Cats is calling it a "bittersweet deal":

The key to this deal, of course, was the 15th overall pick in Friday's Entry Draft. Florida now has five picks among the first two rounds, including 3rd, 15th, 33rd, 36th, and 50th. In retrospect, prior to the trade deadline the Cats had two. Phenomenal work by Sexton and Tallon.

Kind of a bittersweet deal. Thrilled about the picks, we'll see what Wideman - with two years remaining on his current deal and a cap hit of $3.938M per - will bring in addition to a heavy salary, and the first round of the Draft just got that much more interesting for Florida fans.

As for Horton on the move to Boston, it all came down to not living up to expectations:

The Horton aspect is really rather simple to summarize: we all had high hopes. As his production grew, so did the expectations. The Jokinen trade dovetailed into a lost season at center. Injuries prevented what could have been a stirring rise from the B-list in 2009-10. always another convenient reason why he didn't become the power forward he was projected to be. Tallon saw the writing clearly spotlighted on the wall, and did what was best for both parties. And deserved by the fans.