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Bruins Blog: Horton Trade 'Makes Bruins Better Team Right Now'

Trading for Nathan Horton was likely just the beginning for many offseason changes for the Bruins, and it's one move that makes Boston a better team right now, says our Bruins blog, Stanley Cup of Chowder -- even with Horton's questionable work ethic.

There probably will be some pretty good players left at #15, but most would be a few years away from making an impact at the NHL level. The Bruins desperately needed scoring and Horton can give you a boost in that department. He might not pump in 40 goals a year, but you are pretty much guaranteed that he will score somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 goals. He is also still only 25 years old and has time develop as a player.

From a salary cap standpoint, the deal is a wash. The Bruins moved Dennis Wideman's $4 million contract ($3.85 million cap hit) and the Panthers moved Horton $4 million contract.