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Ray Allen Could Demand Mid-Level Exception Money

While much of the early focus in this very early 2010 Celtics' offseason has been on Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce, it seems worth reminding that Ray Allen is also a free agent. And in the same article from the Boston Herald which talked of the team's meeting with Pierce's representatives, it also touches on just how much it may cost to resign the veteran shooter.

One league official recently placed Allen's value on the wildly competitive free agent market at approximately mid-level exception range, or about $5.6 million. This takes into account the number of premium players who will be contending for max contract money, the number of second-tier free agents and even some thought to be max-level honing in on Rajon Rondo-level money, or roughly $11 million per season.

Both Miami and Cleveland have been mentioned as possible destination for Allen, as both teams look to bolster their outside shooting.

But from the beginning (literally, right after Game 7), Allen has made it clear he prefers to stay in Boston: “I’ll deal with that when the time comes, but it’s obvious that I don’t want to be anywhere else."