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Wes Welker On Field At OTA, Runs Routes With Team

While Tuesday brought Tom Brady and Randy Moss to the Patriots' OTA, Wednesday offered a much bigger surprise: Wes Welker.

The Boston Globe's Albert Breer first tweeted the news, seemingly in disbelief himself.

Welker in uniform at ota's. Knee brace on. Pretty unbelievable.less than a minute ago via Echofon

That Welker, who tore both his MCL and ACL just five months ago in a game in Houston, was on the field in uniform was surprising. That Welker then participated in the bag drill, which requires "high knees" from players, just four months after surgery to repair his ACL, is nothing short of amazing. Remember, the "typical" recovery time for such an injury is 6-8 months. But Welker was just getting started.

The wide receiver also took part in a cone drill, which involved some light cutting, and then he even ran some routes. 

Then, came passing lines. Welker ran routes with his teammates, and you could see him running in-cuts and squirrel routes and slants. He rounded off his cuts and breaks, which is certainly to be expected, and dropped a ball or two, which is no reason for alarm in May.

Mike Reiss reported that Welker was running at about 75 percent in the drills.

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