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Celtics-Lakers, Game 7: The Referees For Tonight Are Joey Crawford, Danny Crawford And Scott Foster

Here's your referees for Thursday nights Game 7: Joey Crawford, Danny Crawford and Scott Foster.

The forum at CelticsBlog has the full breakdown on all three officials (with surprisingly positive reactions, considering they all favor the home team in the playoffs), but realize that if anyone will cause trouble, it will be Joey Crawford.

Crawford officiated 3 of the Celtics games so far in the playoffs with mixed results. Game 5 of the Cleveland series was very well officiated and the Celtics won it. However, his second game was game 5 of the Orlando series, which was one of the worst officiated games of the playoffs. Watch game 5 again and you will see a host of missed and blown calls that give Orlando the edge. He also called game 1 of the Finals, which was too tightly called but was called in LA's favor with almost every Celtics player in early foul trouble. He also officiated game 5 of the Finals in Boston, which the Celtics won but in which the Lakers had a 26-13 free throw advantage. Crawford can be a good ref and he can also lose his cool if challenged.

"Lose his cool" indeed -- you may remember him as the ref that tossed Tim Duncan for supposedly laughing on the bench (Crawford was suspend for that one).