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CelticsBlog: It's The End Of The World As We Know It...

Tonight’s Game 7 is for all the marbles, no doubt. But win or lose, Jeff Clark over at CelticsBlog reminds us that, either way, we’re about to see the end of the Celtics as we know them.

Moments like these are once in a lifetime. We’re talking game 7, Lakers vs. Celtics. We may not see this happen again in our lifetimes. And I hate to be the one to bring this up, but the window might be closing tonight. At the very least, the core group of Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Perkins, Rondo, Doc Rivers, and Tom Thibodeau will not be back at full strength next year.

Tom Thibodeau is the only definite loss, as the defensive genius will take over the head coach position in Chicago. The promotion is much-deserved, but a major loss for the Celtics none-the-less. But that’s not all that will change:

Kendrick Perkins, the anchor of our defense, could be out or limited for a very long time. Ray Allen will be free to sign anywhere he likes this summer. In fact, there are more free agents on this team than guys with contracts going into next year. With all that in mind, and with family on his heart, Doc Rivers might decide he’s done all the work he can do with this squad. Danny could (and perhaps should) decide to start building a younger, more athletic team to surround Rajon Rondo with.

Go check out the rest of Jeff’s take on the closing window and the end of an era over at CelticsBlog.