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Kendrick Perkins Has Torn MCL And PCL, Will Not Play In Game 7

The news is in concerning Kendrick Perkins' right knee, and it is a worse-case scenario: the Celtics' center told the Boston Globe he has both a torn MCL and PCL. Not surprisingly, he has officially been ruled out of Thursday nights Game 7 against the Lakers by Doc Rivers.

"He's not going to go, I can tell you that now," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. "We're not going to do an MRI until we get back. Once they did the tests that they did on him and they realized he couldn't play well, there was no reason to send him to an MRI, too. That will come, and then we'll make a determination on what we have to do."

The plan was for Perkins to undergo an MRI on Wednesday, but that has apparently been put on hold.

Perkins was seen in the Staples Center Wednesday afternoon, on crutches, and wearing a knee brace on the injured right knee.

Expect plenty more reaction both here and over at CelticsBlog.