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Pats Pulpit: Logan Mankins Contract Situation Is 'Fault Of The NFLPA'

The contract situation with the Patriots and Logan Mankins has taken a dramatic turn. He is refusing to sign his tender and wants to be traded from the Patriots. Greg Knopping at Pats Pulpit has his thoughts and analysis of the Mankins controversy, and why if you're looking to place blame, direct it toward the Players Association.

It is the fault of the NFLPA who negotiated for the uncapped year. Logan Mankins deserved to be paid as a top unrestricted free agent, but unfortunately for him, the rules changed. He is a restricted free agent and must abide by the rules. Nonetheless, Mankins feels the Patriots promised to reward him with a top dollar deal, and he has yet to be awarded with an appropriate contract in his eyes. The Patriots probably think otherwise. With Logan Mankins requesting a trade and holding out of mandatory mini-camp (technically he is not under contract so it isn't "mandatory" for him), the Patriots have also officially reduced his tender offer from $3.268 million to $1.54 million.

So what now? Clearly the two sides are at an "impasse," says Knopping, but has it gone too far?

My opinion is that things can still be reversed, as ugly as they may be right now. I think the Patriots still want Mankins, and I think Mankins would truly prefer not to switch teams. However, if things continue to fall apart, I could see the Patriots moving on with Nick Kaczur at left guard, and getting whatever they can for Logan Mankins (1st or 2nd round pick).

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