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Lakers-Celtics, Game 5: Enough With The Revisionist History

We are minutes away from the tip-off of Game 5 Boston, so we'll keep this brief.

If you want to follow along with the game form the computer, head over to CelticsBlog. They have you covered, not only with a Game Thread, but also with a Live Chat. It's quite the community they have over there if you haven't checked it out before.

It's time for the pivotal Game 5, so enough already with the revisionist history, says Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog.

Celtics fans complaining that "if we had KG we'd be working on a three-peat."

Lakers fans complaining that "if we had Bynum and Ariza in 08 we'd be working on a three-peat."

Well you didn't. Get over it. [...]

The Celtics and Lakers are tied up 2 games apiece. The better team will win. I think it will be the Celtics but that's why they play the games.

If the Celtics win the Lakers won't have to give back thier rings from last year. If the Lakers win you won't see us bringing the 08 banner down from the rafters. History is history. The next few games will determine who takes the next page in the history books.