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Jacoby Ellsbury Could Be Out Until All-Star Break

More news regarding Jacoby Ellsbury's injury was released on Friday. Don't worry, none of it's good.

Team doctor Thomas Gill confirmed that the outfielder will indeed miss at least two weeks, and now he could be out until the All-Star break.

The center fielder will not perform any baseball activities until he is re-evaluated now that another small fracture has been found in his rib cage -- a fracture, Gill said, that is almost completely unrelated to his original injury. Ellsbury presumably suffered the injury diving for a fly ball while the Red Sox were in Philadelphia in late May. This new injury, however, is on the sixth rib and closer to his spine than to his chest, a different location than the fractures on his second, third, fourth and fifth ribs he suffered when he collided head-on with Adrian Beltre in early April.

This latest injury was revealed after Ellsbury underwent an MRI, and unrelated to his original collision with Beltre.