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Randy Moss Trains Hard In South Florida

It is 91 degrees today in Boca Raton, with 70% humidity. In other words, a fairly typical day in South Florida, where Randy Moss does his offseason work.

It's not too likely that Moss will be playing a game in 90 degree temperatures anytime soon. The Patriots don't head down south to Miami until early October, and even then it's a night game. Still, it's in these conditions that Randy is getting ready for the NFL season with personal trainer Tim Martin.

Moss' regimen is detailed in this trailer for his documentary "Moss Feeling the Heat." A combination of the fairly normal exercises (running, cutting, and jumping while holding weights or dragging chains) to somewhat more ridiculous slow-motion footage of Moss and the much shorter Martin playing basketball ("Mossed Him" the video declares when Martin goes up for a rebound over an indifferent Moss). Combined with some dramatic stills and oddly surreal shots of Randy chugging water, it makes for a good watch.


Regardless of its cinematic merit, though, the clip shows just how hard Randy works to stay in shape and competitive with younger competition as he gets older, and just how out of synch with reality the old work ethic criticisms seem to be. Does Darrelle Revis really think Moss works this hard in the offseason just to quit come winter time? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.