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Celtics Finally Have Winning Formula 'Figured Out'

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports has covered every game of the NBA Finals so far, and he's seen a story developing with regard to the Boston Celtics. From his Game 4 "Behind the Boxscore" feature:

Either way, the C's have figured out that they can't take any plays off, more or less. If they're to beat the Lakers (or the Cavaliers, or the Magic), they are going to have to be the team that goes out shouting. Other teams might have more talent or deeper rosters on paper, but the Celtics are - if they want to win it all - are going to have to be the ones that never let up.

And annoy the hell out of the opponents.

Essentially, he makes the case that the Celtics' "effort," "energy" and other "columnist bywords" have thrown the Lakers off their game, and have compensated for poor execution and shooting on Boston's part.