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What Is Wrong With Some Emotion From The Celtics?

Every morning, I listen to the JT the Brick Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub. The sidekick, Tom Looney, is a huge Lakers fan. He doesn't apologize for it and he really shouldn't. I wish more sports radio personalities would admit their biases up front. Anyways, this morning's guest was Stephen A. Smith. Mr. Looney started a discussion on the Celtics' emotion during Game 4. He was pointing out that the Celtics were acting like they just won the championship. Smith pointed out that the only Celtics really showing emotion were Glenn Davis and Nate Robinson.

My first thought is: why not play with emotion? If showing some excitement helps you play better, why not? Don't give me the "act like you have been there before."  These two players have not really had an impact on the big stage before. I say let them enjoy it and maybe it will spread to the other members of the Celtics.

If showing emotion helped Glenn Davis score 18 points and Nate Robinson score 12 points, I am all for it. Maybe some emotion is the spark the Celtics need to win two more games. If the Lakers win and they show emotion, so what?

Maybe if Kobe Bryant showed a little more emotion it would raise his game? Right now he is not showing that he is the greatest of all time. Michael Jordan could play emotionally. Larry Bird was excitable. If any members of the Lakers want to win, maybe they need to dig deep and show some enthusiasm. It just might help them.

In the case of (Shrek) Glenn Davis and (Donkey) Nate Robinson, I hope they just keep doing what is working. Who knows, if they play well enough maybe they can show some emotion during a parade in downtown Boston?