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Red Sox Beat Writers Got You Covered

For the most part, Boston Red Sox beat writers are pretty good. They have to be considering how much competition they have. They're in Boston, not Omaha. It's rough in this city.

When news breaks, they're on it -- and fast. Their weapon of choice? Twitter.


So when it was revealed Kevin Youkilis suffered a mild back spasm Thursday night, the beat writers jumped into action like starving vultures. (Picture after the jump.)


In order, from top to bottom: Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston, Rob Bradford of WEEI, Ian Browne of, Joe Haggerty of and Dan Barbarisi of The Providence Journal.

If you didn't hear, Youk has a mild back spasm.

(Not pictured: Amalie Benjamin of the Globe, who beat 'em all to the punch. You go, girl.)