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Jacoby Ellsbury Needs 'More Rest' For Injured Ribs

After Jacoby Ellsbury’s recent trip to Los Angeles to get another opinion on his injured ribs, Terry Francona says the diagnosis for the young fielder is that he “just needs a little bit more rest.”

“We’re going to try to meet here in a little bit,’’ Francona said, in order for Dr. Thomas Gill and Dr. Lewis Yocum to talk about the situation. “It sounds like Dr. Yocum, at least preliminarily, thinks he needs a little bit more rest. But we want the chance to kind of make sure everybody’s on the same page.’’

A “little bit more rest” seems insignificant next to the amount of time Ellsbury, who hasn’t played consistently since the first week of the season, has missed. But given the way this injury has persisted, it might not be wise to expect anything to go as planned.