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Could The Super Bowl Come To Foxboro?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell left the door open to awarding other undomed, cold-weather sites the Super Bowl. Could Gillette Stadium be on the list of Super Bowl host sites?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made headlines earlier this week when he announced that the 2014 Super Bowl was being awarded to New York. Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first game played in an outdoor, cold-weather stadium.

With Goodell's announcement of the first cold-weather Super Bowl, predictably more and more teams are coming out and expressing an interest in hosting a Super Bowl. Cities like Denver, Kansas City and Green Bay have already shown some form of interest in hosting the event.

In speaking at the University of Massachusetts Lowell's commencement Saturday, Commissioner Goodell did nothing to quiet the clamoring of cold-weather city franchises to land the Super Bowl. In fact, Goodell clearly left the door open for the idea of future cold-weather games, as indicated by the Associated Press:

"NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says the success of the 2014 Super Bowl slated for Meadowlands Stadium will determine whether more championships are played at undomed cold-weather sites."

Patriots owner Robert Kraft was one of the power brokers behind bringing the Super Bowl to the Giants' and Jets' new $1.6 billion palace. It's probably not a leap to suggest that Kraft would love for his own Gillette Stadium to host the event in the near future.

That leaves Patriot fans hoping to snag the Super Bowl in a precarious situation: rooting for New York to succeed when attempting to pull off one of the country's biggest sporting events in 2014.