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Peter Gammons: Jacoby Ellsbury Is 'Very Hurt'

After Friday's news that Jacoby Ellsbury was headed back to the disabled list, just a week after getting activated, the Red Sox's outfielder stated the obvious after the move: He probably came back too soon.

"I guess the way it looks now, I came back too soon, but with everything, the way I felt, the way the medical staff felt, we felt it was time to go," Ellsbury said. "But we knew I wasn't fully healed."

"When I came back we were were pretty much under the understanding that if I came back, dove on it, did what I needed to do on the field, that it wouldn't regress, it wouldn't worsen. Unfortunately that was the case this time."

And while the team hopes this second stay on the DL will be a quick one, it sounds like they shouldn't hold their breath. Especially after Peter Gammons said that Ellsbury is "very hurt."

I think he's very hurt. The thing that is so unfair here, this is his first big arbitration year. He's got Scott Boras in his ear, telling him what he's going to make. If he were jaking it, that makes no sense. It's just the opposite, in fact. This is really important for him to play. I think what he did was that he altered his swing so much that he ended up doing other stuff. [The Red Sox] just have to ride it out because they are a much different team with him in the lineup.