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Jacoby Ellsbury Headed Back To DL

Well, that didn't last long.

Just a week after coming off the disabled list, the Red Sox center fielder is headed back to the 15-day DL, the team announced on Friday.

Jacoby Ellsbury was seen by a thoracic specialist today who agreed with the diagnosis of four cracked ribs.

He was returned to the 15-day disabled list. RHP Scott Atchison was recalled.

Terry Francona commented that he hoped Ellsbury's second trip to the DL this season would be "quick," but added that "they had no idea how long it would be." So there's that. 

Ellsbury played in just three games since originally coming off the DL, but hasn't appeared since Monday because of lingering soreness in his left side -- the same side on which he fractured four ribs after his collision with Adrian Beltre in April.