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Celtics Could Be Without Perkins, Davis And Wallace For Game 6

As if the Celtics loss in Game 5 Wednesday night wasn't bad enough, there is a chance now that Boston could be without three of its big man for Friday night's game at home.

The status of Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace is unknown at the moment, but for three entirely different reasons.

Perkins picked up two quick (and highly questionable) technical fouls last night, resulting in his ejection. More importantly though: they were sixth and seventh technicals this postseason, which by NBA rule is an automatic one-game suspension. However, the league already announced it will review both T's (standard practice), and it could decide to rescind one of the calls against Perkins. Their decision is expected to come on Thursday.

Big Baby's condition is a bit more serious, as is to be expected anytime one is discussing brain injuries, which is exactly what Davis suffered last night when his face met the business end of Dwight Howard's elbow. Davis was clearly "out of it," as he stumbled down the court, trying to rejoin his team on offense, before collapsing in the arms of official Joey Crawford.

After the game, Davis didn't talk to reporters, instead offering his own diagnosis and status with a swift rant: "Point blank. I ain't speaking. I'm all right. I'll be back next game. That's all you need to print." And as SI's Andy Staples said, "There was an f-bomb in there somewhere too."

While I appreciate Davis' enthusiasm and toughness, when dealing with a concussion, I'll wait and see what the doctors say.

Lastly, there's Rasheed Wallace, who had his best game of the series while leading the Celtics with 21 points. 'Sheed originally just fouled out of the game, but after only a few minutes of sitting on the bench, he (slowly) made his way to the locker room with what is being called a "tweak" in his back.

That's three Boston centers, all questionable for Game 6. Meanwhile, there's Dwight Howard, ready to throw down yet another putback dunk or alley-oop.

Doc Rivers, how do you feel about it all?

"Well, it's not a pleasant thought."