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An Idea Of Just How Long It Takes To Finish Those Red Sox-Yankees Game

We all know the Red Sox-Yankees game are long. Like, painfully, over-four-hours kind of long. But did you know that you could actually watch the first pitch of a game on your TV at home in Boston, and then make it to Yankee Stadium and get in your seat before the final out? Because you can. In fact, Walter Stanley won a bet with his friends when he accomplished the "feat" Monday night.

[I]t was game time. I saw Phil Hughes throw ball one (the first pitch of the game) to Marco Scutaro and I was off......

I drove my SUV from Natick, Mass. to Yankee Stadium, parked the car (for free - no one was collecting money that late in the game) and was in my seat to see the beginning of Marco Scutaro's 9th inning at bat where he singled to center off of Damaso Marte.

I had mixed feelings feeling about the game itself, as the bottom of the 9th was painful for me, however since I made $250 on the wager and my buddies also picked up the cost of the ticket, gas and hotel for the night, the pain wasn't too bad.

The bet came about after FOX relayed the information that the average time of a MLB game was 2:48, while the average time of a Sox-Yankees game was 34 minutes longer (3:22).

Monday's game, which the Sox lost, 11-9, was finished in a not-so-tidy 3:47, for the record. Plenty of time to drive 200 miles.