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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Patriots Drop To No. 5 In SB Nation Rankings

A week ago, the Patriots had the best record in the NFL and were atop the SB Nation NFL Power Rankings. But now, after an embarrassing loss to the Browns, they're just another 6-2 team. And ranked No. 5 in the Week 10 NFL Power Rankings at SB Nation.

The Baltimore Ravens are the new No. 1 team, up from No. 3 a week ago following their win over the Dolphins to improve to 6-2. The Green Bay Packers are No. 2 overall, and the top team from the NFC.

The New York Jets (No. 3) and Pittsburgh Steelers, New England's Week 10 opponent, round out the top-five.

The other two AFC East teams -- the Dolphins and Bills -- are No. 17 and No. 29, respectively. Yes, the Bills, despite being the only winless NFL team at 0-8, are better than the Broncos, Cowboys, and Panthers.