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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Patriots Move Up To No. 2 In SB Nation's Rankings

The New England Patriots moved up one spot in the SB Nation NFL Power Rankings for Week 7 on the strength of their overtime win over the Ravens. Baltimore is ranked No. 6, down four spots from last week's No. 2.

The Patriots avenged their 2009 playoff loss to the Ravens with a victory last Sunday. As usual, this team looks very tough to beat.

The Patriots are one of three teams in the NFL with just one loss; the Steelers and Jets are the other two. It's no surprise that these three teams make-up the top-three clubs in the power rankings, with Pittsburgh at No. 3 and New York holding the top spot for the second week in a row.

In Week 7, New England travels to San Diego to face the Chargers, the No. 22 team.

Wow. The Rams? The Chargers need to get it together. Yeah, the AFC West is weak but the Chiefs are holding a strong 1.5 game lead on everyone.

Elsewhere in the AFC East, the Dolphins improved three spots to No. 17 after beating the Packers. Meanwhile, the Bills didn't lose (they had a bye), but still find themselves last in the power rankings. Buffalo and Carolina are the last two winless teams in the NFL.