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Red Sox Spring Training: Truck Day Arrives, And With It Comes The 2011 Season

Truck Day is here, and with it comes the unofficial start to baseball season. Boston is more than ready to get its first look at the new and improved 2011 Red Sox.

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Truck Day: Equipment Truck Leaves Fenway, Heads For Florida And Spring Training

On Tuesday -- better known as Truck Day -- at 12 p.m., the 2011 Boston Red Sox (un)officially began when the huge equipment truck, fully packed with the team's uniforms, bats and glove and other necessities for Spring Training, closed its door and drove away from Fenway Park, heading south for City of Palms Park. 


The truck is driven by Al Hartz, who's had the job since 1998. He expects to reach Florida by Thursday, assuming there are no delays. Pitchers and catchers report on Sunday. "This is a lot of fun," driver Al Hartz said. "This is something special."

"My office has had calls from, like, Red Sox booster clubs asking if the truck can stop and visit them on the way down, but we just don't do stuff like that," Hartz said with a laugh. "People are a little nuts about the Sox. I mean this just kinda proves it, watching the truck get loaded and drive away." 


Truck Day: Red Sox' Spring Training Equipment Packed, Including Lego Model Of Fenway Park

The moving truck is being loaded outside Fenway Park in anticipation of its 12 p.m. EST departure for the City of Palms Park, signaling the beginning of Spring Training and the unofficial start of the 2011 Boston Red Sox season. 


Our own Gethin Coolbaugh is on the scene at Fenway Park, where the truck is being loaded and fans are beginning to gather. He offers this report (as well as all the photos today): 

When I arrived at Truck Day at 9 a.m., and the movers were already busy loading the truck. I wondered if the weather would damper the spirits of fans and result in low turn out. But sure enough, fans began to arrive around 10 and more continue to trickle in to watch the truck leave for Fort Myers at noon. Clearly this winter weather is no match for enthusiastic Red Sox fans.


Maybe Truck Day isn't so exciting after all ... 

Gethin was also able to capture a shot of the movers loading a Lego model of Fenway Park into the truck. Definitely a very important thing to have at Spring Training: 



Truck Day: Red Sox' 2011 Season Unofficially Begins Tuesday

Welcome to Truck Day, Red Sox fans. 

The unofficial start to the 2011 season is here, marked by the large moving truck that sits in front of Fenway Park Tuesday morning. The 18-wheeled truck is currently being loaded up with the team's equipment for Spring Training. It will begin the 1500-mile drive to City of Palms Park on Tuesday, with the Red Sox' pitchers and catchers set to report on Sunday. 

It is obviously silly to get excited about a truck. But obviously it represents much more for Red Sox fans (so, hey, still kinda silly!) -- it's the start of Spring Training, and the start of a whole new season. From Over The Monster:

One week till pitchers and catchers report. Ten days until everyone else joins them. Just three weeks from the Red Sox playing baseball, even if it isn't for keeps just yet.

It's baseball season. Y'all ready?


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