Farewell, and thank you

SB Nation/Vox Media

So long, and thank you all for everything. It has been one fun ride.

Saying goodbye to something you love is hard, and you don't realize how hard it is until you reach the very end. Today, that is where I am.

This will be my final post on SB Nation Boston. The network has decided to go in a different direction with the regional websites, and while SB Nation Boston will continue to exist, I will no longer be its caretaker.

I would be lying to you -- something I never wish to do -- if I said I wasn't very sad about this. Truly, my job with SB Nation was the best one I have ever had. I was paid to write about Boston sports. Honestly, how can it get any better?

To the entire SB Nation and Vox Media family, I would like to say thank you.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I am eternally grateful.

I started with this company as a contributor to BC Interruption and moved on to become a contributor, and later an associate editor for, SB Nation Boston. My first boss here was Ryan Hudson, the former editor of SB Nation Boston. Ryan, I'd like to thank you for everything -- for giving me an opportunity to write for you, all of the advice along the way and ultimately trusting me with the keys to this incredible project. Thank you very much for all of your help.

There are plenty more thank you's that I'd like to hand out. To Chris Thorman and Matt Watson, who put up with my sometimes constant chat messages, thank you for all of the help and advice that you gave me. Thank you, also, to the founder of this network -- Tyler Bleszinski -- for your vision and kindness.

Thank you to the CEO of SB Nation, Jim Bankoff, as well. I met Jim at a conference in New York City, and he was the one who introduced me to the SB Nation family and ultimately got me started with this network.

To my contributors and volunteers over the years -- Bruce Allen, Randy Booth, Benjamin Buchanan, Kat Hasenauer Cornetta, Ryan Durling, Nick Fasulo, Tanya Ray Fox, Jeremy Gottlieb, Luke Hughes, Marisa Ingemi, Biz Jacobs, Jay King, Joshua Kummins, Erika Leigh, Matt Nelson, Seth Orensky, Raj Prashad, Jen Royle, Dave Shook, Alan Siegel, Jared Stegall, Steve Stoehr, Benjamin Woodward and anyone else I may have omitted -- thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Working with all of you has been an absolute blast. I could not have asked for better co-workers and friends.

To all of the regional team blogs -- BC Interruption, Celtics Blog, Over The Monster, Pats Pulpit, Stanley Cup of Chowder, The Bent Musket and The UConn Blog -- thanks for all of your support and links to our content! I genuinely enjoyed working with and interacting with all of you!

The same goes to the many hardworking members of the SB Nation newsdesk. You hard work was and still is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so very much.

Thanks to so many others around this company and network, too -- Tom Ziller, Mike Prada, Ed Valentine, Jason Brewer, Hart Van Santvoord, Matt Conner, Justin Bopp, Christina Shrestha, Eric Stephen, Kevin Powers -- and so many others. Thanks for your hard work to make this network so great.

Most importantly, I would like to thank each and every one of you -- the readers. Without you, all of our work would mean nothing. You make the job worth while. I sincerely appreciate that you have taken the time out of your busy days to click on our links and read our stories. I have really enjoyed talking with so many of you on social media. You're the best, period.

As for me, this won't be the last time you see me in the sports journalism world. I'll still be Tweeting away for hours and hours (@GethinCoolbaugh) and I have accepted as position as an Editor and Columnist for NBAonNBC.com.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you everyone. God bless you.

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