Gene DeFilippo, the longtime Director of Athletics at Boston College, has announced that he will retire on September 30, according to a press release. John Kane will take his place in an interim capacity. (Photo by Boston College)

Gene DeFilippo Retires: Boston College Athletic Director Will Step Down Sept. 30th

Gene DeFilippo will be stepping down as the athletic director at Boston College.

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Gene DeFilippo Retirement: Andy Katz Discusses Boston College AD's Legacy

Gene DeFilippo's retirement as athletic director at Boston College has sparked bittersweet reactions from BC fans and bloggers alike. While DeFelippo is credited with moving the Eagles from the Big East to the ACC, there is also a strong consensus that he has mishandled the coaches under his employ in recent years.

ESPN's Andy Katz weighed in on the DeFelippo's retirement, summing up the general mood in Boston as the AD of 15 years moves on.

DeFilippo's legacy will be getting the Eagles into the ACC. Big East members will always debate the manner in which this occurred. There are other critics who don't believe BC belongs or is a fit in the ACC. But BC had to get in as a mode of survival. But let's not sugarcoat DeFilippo's tenure, either. He completely mismanaged his football coaches (Tom O'Brien would have stayed, and Jeff Jagodzinski was merely looking at an NFL job) and completely botched Al Skinner's firing. ... The ACC is the legacy but the personnel matters still have a stinging effect on those directly affected and the programs in which they served.

DeFilippo may have left BC athletics healthier than when he started, but he will have a tough time separating his legacy from the odd decisions of the past few seasons.

For more on the Eagles, visit BC Interruption and stay tuned to SB Nation Boston.


Gene DeFilippo Retirement: Boston College Bloggers React To Athletic Director Stepping Down

Shocking news emerged Friday afternoon in Chestnut HIll when word came down that one of the most powerful men on campus, Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo, was stepping down from his position and retiring at the end of September. DeFilippo's tenure brought plenty of unprecedented sports success, with his biggest move being the Eagles' conference switch to the ACC.

DeFilippo has had a rocky two-year stretch, however, which was set off by the controversial firing of football coach Jeff Jagodzinski. The good folks at BC Interruption started to assess the legacy of Gene, with the recent missteps fresh in everyone's mind:

Of course, with the good comes the ... not so good. DeFilippo had arguably the worst year of his 15 year career at BC in 2011-12. The BC A.D. came under fire nationally for comments about ESPN's role in conference realignment and his personal role in blocking UConn's entry into the ACC. Back at the Heights, DeFilippo angered Boston College fans and alum with his Twitter gaffe on Clemson attendance and comments on Frank Spaziani's performance following a 4-8 campaign.

Despite the recent history, Brian at BCI writes that Gene is leaving the program in a better place than which he found it:

But it will be DeFilippo's decision to lead the program out of the Big East that will serve as his lasting legacy to the school and the program. GDF certainly managed to ruffle a few feathers along the way, but BC is now well-positioned within the college athletics landscape for success in the future. For this reason alone, I think we can safely say that DeFilippo left the Boston College athletics department in a better place than which he found it.

It's hard to make a quick snap judgment of his entire tenure before it's even over, but the successes of the past decade and the move out of the Big East will likely have history look upon DeFilippo favorably.

For more on the Eagles, visit BC Interruption.


Gene DeFilippo To Retire As Boston College Athletic Director

Gene DeFilippo will be stepping down as the athletic director at Boston College on Sept. 30.

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