Rasheed Wallace Waived By Celtics, Plans To Announce Retirement

The two-month Rasheed Wallace drama of will-he, won't-he retire, came to a close Tuesday night: the Celtics announced they waived the 15-year NBA veteran, with 'Sheed expected to retire. For more, visit CelticsBlog.

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Rasheed Wallace Waived By Celtics, Plans To Retire

The two-month Rasheed Wallace drama of will-he, won't-he retire, complete with even Shaquille O'Neal offering his own reporting, came to a close Tuesday night: the Celtics announced they waived the 15-year NBA veteran, with 'Sheed expected to retire.

The Boston Celtics announced today that they have waived forward/center Rasheed Wallace after coming to a mutual agreement following which Wallace plans to retire.

"We would like to thank Rasheed for everything that he did for this team and organization last season," said Danny Ainge, Celtics President of Basketball Operations. "We would like to wish Rasheed and his family the best as they move on into the next phase of their lives. He will always be a member of the Celtics family."

Wallace, drafted with the No. 4 overall pick in 1995, won an NBA Championship in 2004 with the Pistons.


Rasheed Wallace Will Retire, Says His Agent

Gary Washburn of Boston.com reports that Rasheed Wallace’s agent, Bill Strickland, said his client will retire soon. Shaquille O’Neal, the newest Celtic, said earlier this week that he wants Wallace to stay in the NBA. But Washburn’s report rules out that result.

That Strickland told the media Wallace will retire is big news. Earlier this summer, he declined to confirm or deny his client’s rumored retirement plans. His confirmation here should carry some weight.

What’s next for Wallace and the Celtics? Washburn explains:

Wallace has two years and $13 million left on his contract and the Celtics could reach a settlement with the power forward or trade his contract to a club who could receive the salary cap relief after the 2012 season. Team president Danny Ainge has been trying to trade Wallace’s contract this offseason but the uncertainty of the collective bargaining agreement after 2011 has clouded the impact of adding such a contract.

Wallace initially signed a three-year deal with the Celtics last summer. He averaged career-worsts in minutes (22.5), points (9.0), and field goal shooting (40.9 percent) in his lone season in green.


Shaq Wants Rasheed Wallace To Stick Around

For the last couple of months, Celtics fans have been reasonably sure they had seen the end of Rasheed Wallace in Boston, as the veteran big man seemed entirely ready to retire. Things may have changed, however, if recently signed Shaquille O’Neal is to be believed.

“I know Rasheed is thinking about coming back,” said O’Neal, who was in attendance at a charity basketball game in Orlando, Fla. “Rasheed, go on and come back for one or two more years.”

Whether or not this is legitimate information from Shaq, or just some of the goofing around the future Hall-of-Famer has become known for remains to be seen, but even if Rasheed really is considering a return, do the Celtics want him?

Rasheed certainly did prove himself with a strong playoff performance, validating a regular season full of frustrations. But with the two O’Neals, Garnett, and Glen Davis filling up the front court and Kendrick Perkins on the way back, having Rasheed come back might be overkill. Especially if the Celtics could find a partner for a retiring Rasheed’s contract and pick up a needed piece elsewhere.

So hold up on the lobbying for now, Shaq. Rasheed is a good player, but not necessarily one the C’s need.


Rasheed Wallace Still Plans To Retire, Delaying Announcement To Help Celtics

The holiday weekend brought us a report that there was a "possibility" that Rasheed Wallace would decide not to retire this offseason. However, as it turns out, apparently Wallace is simply waiting to officially file his retirement papers to help out the Celtics, this according to Chris Tomasson of FanHouse.

"He's trying to help us out by waiting, which is good,'' Rivers said of Wallace, due to make $6.32 million next season and $6.79 million in 2011-12. "He's still our property so we can use that in a trade or something. He's doing a great thing for us.''

Rivers added that the chances 'Sheed plays again are "very little or none."

Boston general manager Danny Ainge, joining Rivers and the Celtics at the AirTran Airways Pro Summer League, said that "as far as I know'' Wallace will retire. He also spoke of Wallace holding off to help the Celtics, saying, "We're hoping that will happen. A piece (for the team to use in a possible deal).''


Report: There Is 'Possibility' That Rasheed Wallace Will Not Retire

While nothing was ever official, all signs have been pointing toward Rasheed Wallace retiring from the NBA. However, over the weekend, David Aldridge of NBA.com reported that 'Sheed may be having second thoughts about hanging it up.

With Doc Rivers deciding to return to the Celtics next season, and Boston close to re-signing Paul Pierce to a four-year deal, a source said Saturday night that there is a "possibility" that veteran forward Rasheed Wallace could re-think his decision last month to retire after 15 NBA seasons. The Celtics believed Wallace would retire after the team's seven-game Finals loss to the Lakers, and he appeared to make the decision final a week or so later.

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